Photography - The Perfect Home Based Business Opportunity

Anyone Can Make a Full Time Income Working From Home!

Why would I say that anyone can Start and Run a Successful Photography Business from Home? Because the field of Photography is so broad, with so many different NICHES, that you can literally:

  • get started today;
  • start part-time while still working that other job
  • start full-time if you are out of a job!
  • work from home;
  • have financial freedom;
  • get out of the rat-race;
  • and, enjoy immensely what you will be doing.
The business of Photography, especially home based, enjoys low start up costs compared to other business opportunities available today. Did you know that there are hundreds of work at home entrepreneurs taking snapshots with cardboard throw-away cameras and making a full time income doing so? Many, many more take their new digital cameras out of the box and start a home based business the very next day. The majority of work from home Photographers are still doing so with film cameras. There are, however, several photo niche's that don't require a camera at all.

The home based Photo-Business is:

  • fun
  • lucrative
  • easy to learn
  • relaxing
  • honorable
  • the best expression of free enterprise
and requires a very low investment to get started in most fields.

Start Up Equipment:

  • need not be new
  • doesn't need to be the best, just dependable
  • is readily available through online auctioning
  • is portable for most needs
  • and, Tax Deductible as a business expense

For those who do have some technical skills with photo equipment, there is a broad collection of home business opportunities waiting to be tapped. But don't worry, even if you have never picked up a camera before, the skills needed for more technically demanding opportunities can be learned while you are getting paid for taking snapshots with those throw-away cameras!

So, where do you go from here?

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  • About This Site - Describes the purpose of this site and expands on the Home Based Photo-Business concept.

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  • Getting Started Basics - The basic steps you should consider to get started with your own Home Based Business Opportunity in Photography

  • Photo-Business Dictionary - A definition and brief description of the many different niche's available for making a Home Based Business Income. A very useful book to spur the creative juices while deciding the field of photography you are most interested in. Still not convinced you can find financial freedom through a Photography related niche as a Home Based Business? You will have several "Ah Ha!" moments while reading through these different opportunities.

  • Resources - Information resources on how to get started in many of the niche fields of photography suitable to "Work From Home".

  • Make Money From Home - Even with a Disposable Camera - A Free eBook on how to start a home based photo-business and make a living even if you have to start with a disposable Camera and little real photography skills. How to support yourself shooting pictures while learning the skills of one of the more glamorous fields of photography. You might just decide to keep doing this instead.

  • Informational How-To Articles - Informative, detailed how-to articles each focused on a specific topic relative to Home Based Business, Photography, Useful Tools, etc. The article database is added to regularly and is available to your computer desktop through RSS Feed. (soon)

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